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Is your team holding you back?

Is your team holding you back?

“I used to help my team a lot, and try and
help everybody…Like a Mother Theresa….

“Then I realized that the BEST way to help
my team was to produce myself. And that’s what
I started doing. That’s when I started making money –
lots of it… (five figures per month.)

“I discovered I was giving my energies to the
wrong people that weren’t running with me…
so I stopped and changed direction.” – Paul Gardiner

That is a VERY tough and painful realization…
especially for many women. We WANT to help others…
and we do…perhaps too much.

At the expense of our OWN income and success.

But if you give your energy to them and NOT to
producing yourself you will likely not earn much money.

And you’re not all that appreciated either, because
that kind of team likely isn’t making any money either.
And guess who they’ll blame? Hehehe.

Who’s ready to stop teaching, and start producing?

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