Untapped Market: Trailer 2 for How Not To Be an MLM Loser…

This is the second ‘trailer’ for the new program, How Not To Be an MLM Loser This Year.

Are you a helper-healer?

You may be part of the biggest unsung market in our industry.

In this video, you will discover who they are. If you learn how to tap into this market, your happiness level might go up 300 points. I know mine did.

Remember to turn on your audio – so you can hear voice and music…

The first 3 minute trailer, ‘Bad News,’ is here. Happy to hear your comments (make them below).

I will be contacting everyone who emailed me here to get on the priority list about the program details and registration. If you have not done that and want to be on the priority list, zip me an email with subject: Priority list for No Lose MLM.

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Kim Klaver


  • Wonderful video, that is exactly how I feel, I am one of those. I have been doing this for 11 years, not made much profit for the time and money I have spent in the business, but learned a lot to help myself and others, have met wonderful people, and traveled to some great conventions.
    Teresa Gregurek R.N.

  • Thanks, Kim, for the informative video. It is good to hear what is working for those with an established presence and client list in the alternative health market.

    Any good news on how Internet-based marketers of information and products are faring?

    Thanks for all you do!

  • This is a breath of fresh air and it gives me great hope again!

    I host and produce a small niche-market radio program that is totally unrelated to my MLM company. Yet I am blessed with a "captive" audience that really needs my products.

    I have been trying to get my upline to help me incorporate my MLM into what I already do in a natural, organic way. Unfortunately their approach has been to ignore the pink elephant dancing in the middle of my living room. My guess is that it's because there is no canned formula for what to do with radio program producers.

    Yet it is who I am and I know I cannot succeed without acknowledging that part of me. So I am really looking forward to this class to help me with that.

  • Dear Kim,

    Not the group I would have guessed.

    Although they may not be out to bury the competition, they are adamantly convinced of their product's superior qualities. With such an overlap in product lines, to embrace others without letting theirs go would be redundant.

    I have bought health products not offered by my company from other networkers. However, once my company offered a comparable product then my spending was immediately redirected to my own store. This happened recently with two specific products.

    So my question would be how do you synchronize all the helpful-healers around one company? If you don't bring them into your fold, then you offer a companion, non-competing product to their own lineup. This would involve them in a second direct sales company which to me dilutes the efforts.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Hi Tom– You write, "how do you synchronize all the helpful-healers around one company?"

    It wouldn't be around one company. There are recruiters for each company, all different. There are helper-healers in each company also. Those who are hhs now can learn how to find other hhs not yet in their company. It's a totally different way of 'recruiting' because we're reaching out to completely different people.

    Most helper healers already have a life. They don't do MLM to give them one, like many full time traditional recruiters, like I once was.

    Helper Healers want to add to their life with the product line they already use themselves, and spend time with people whose values are similar, and where they can put on fun events and draw folks in who are like them.

    And make some money doing something they're passionate about.

    So that's the story with that.

    P.S. There are more than enough helper-healers to go around in all the companies with worthy products or services. No one notices them now, because all the activity is focused on the old-time big money recruiting. Which is a turn off for many entrepreneurs in today's world.

  • Hi Paul,

    You write:
    "It is good to hear what is working for those with an established presence and client list in the alternative health market."

    Most of these folks did not have an established presence or a client list. That can be developed. The passion for it has to be there first, and the rest follows. We'll cover that in the class.

    "Any good news on how Internet-based marketers of information and products are faring?"

    Do you mean like the Frank Kerns of the world? I have a post about that – they get about 1% of their lists to buy. But that is the nature of the Internet numbers. BIG lists, tiny percents. If the list is big enough, like 10,000 or 100,000, then a one percent buy rate is good – for a $2,000 product.

    If the list is 100, and the product is $50 on which a person earns $10, that's not so good, given the effort a person has to put in.

    Is that what you mean?

  • Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the reply. I will stay tuned-in on this to give my brain time to wrap around it.

    At this junction, I would say you are talking about those that prefer to lead with product, not biz opp.

    They are definitely the overlooked.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  • Fantastic video Kim!

    Many people will relate to this on so many levels. I know I do.

    I am a helper-healer by nature, probably because of my love of animals and learning how to raise them naturally.

    It was great how you said that everyone knows there's money made BUT no money was talked about. That's just good business!

    I'm looking forward to the new program because I want to know more about doing a heal-in instead of the "business meetings." Having a group of people in a home testing the products, sharing the results, and chatting in the comfort of a friend's home sounds so much better than the cold impersonal meetings.

    Thanks Kim!

  • Kim,

    Quick story.

    At the recent awards banquet I was honored with nearly one dozen awards related to leadership. A small group of sixteen of my closest friends attended the event. My greatest pleasure that night was not hearing my name or receiving an award-it came from having every member of the group assume my place on the stage to receive an award in my stead. I was questioned on my strategy by senior leadership that night. I explained my strategy of giving an individual the opportunity to stand on stage, in the limelight, hearing the applause with a smile on their face grinning from ear to ear did more for my team that I could ever do by talking to them It was the experience that transformed the individual and made the difference.

    I often tell people, "you're the beacon and I'm honored to stand in your light" That Kim is what I love the most.

    Thank you for your newest contribution on helpers and healers. I feel healed of life's past hurts by helping others to shine.



  • Kim, I love LuLu and Minnie and Winnie and your videos. I really am looking forward to the new class. I just am so heartened by the truth which you speak to we MLMers. Am still working on my 3 scripts from your book and CD's and look forward to more contact with you. You lighten my heart.
    Jean Kasha
    Albany, CA

  • Hi Kim,

    Another excellent video! Loved it just as much as the first one.

    Here's something to think about… Mini's and Winnie's make up the bulk of any MLM company out there. They're the glue that holds them together … and yes, they should be much more appreciated.


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