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Want abnormal income?

Want abnormal income?

“In my first six months I didn’t sign up one person. I had no
credibility. After 3.5 years, I had signed up 15 people in my
then-current company, and was making about $100 per month –
most of the time.”

People around me said, “Geez you’re stupid…Why are you doing
that thing? There’s no money in that.”

Wood: That’s probably all I was worth. But of course, at that
time I blamed the company and industry for my lack of success.”

Five years later…he came to this conclusion:

“If you want abnormal income ($25,000/mo or more), get a new
attitude and prepare to do an abnormal amount of work for a
sustained time.”

Want abnormal income? Have an abnormal attitude and do
abnormal amount of work. For whatever time it takes.

That’s what he said.

He’s now one of the highest paid people in our industry,
in North America.

Different song than, “Easy anyone can do it!” or “It’s simple…
all you have to do is…”


Who here is REALLY desirous of an abnormal income? Not just
empty words. I am asking for someone – anyone – who’s ready
for some new attitude and an abnormal amount of work. I’ll team
up with you. Register here and email me to say you did. Watch
that first video…

PS If your attitude is still stuck in the “no time and no money and
no friends” don’t call. Once it’s unstuck from where you ARE to
where you’re going, THEN email me. 🙂


PS I’ve personally earned $81,375 in my first 3.5 months
with Empower (and there’s no guarantee what you or anyone
else will earn). Shows what’s possible.  Are you willing to
do what it takes?

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