‘Nice girl’ words never to use…

This is a follow up on “Nice girl or…Post”

We’re all drawn to people who are different, yet our whole
business mantra is about being ‘duplicatable’.
– Kim Klaver

If you talk to people, how do you stand out so people
are drawn to you, like the naughty girl did?

One way – avoid the ‘everyone says this’ nice girl words:

Explode (your business)
Cutting edge
Scientific breakthrough

Most everyone uses these words about their product.  How will
ever get noticed if you sound the same as everyone else?

Consider these words that are different. They draw us in:

US Marines    We’re looking for a few good men
AppleThink Different
United Negro College Fund:   The mind is a terrible thing to waste
ClubMed:    The antidote for civilization

Slut-like?  Indeed, they stand out. They’ve worked and continue to work.

Notice these four extremely successful slogans 1) do not fixate on their product, their business or their company. And 2) they use no words telling us how great and amazing they are.

Challenge: What would you say to approach some,
if you did NOT talk about your business or
product, in your first sentence?  And you use NO words
on the “everyone says that” list above?

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