Who Do I Call?

Just in from Minnie,

“I have been calling Chiropractors and
Alternative Doctors based on the Orange book,
and I tell them that I market a product for
someone whose feet and knees hurt and are looking for a natural
alternative and don’t want to do surgery or drugs like me.  But maybe,
I am not targeting the right market, because these people do treat
patients who suffer from joint pain.  Can you please help me.

“What community do I call ?  My products are vitamins.
As you probably figured out, all these people tell me “No”
because they can help these people with  their therapies, herbs..etc.

“Who do I call?   Please help me.”  

If Minnie is not an alternative health practitioner herself, she will
have a credibility problem getting in the door of practitioners she
does not know and worse, who do not know her.

Suggestion: Minnie: Check with your own alternative practitioners and see
if one of them might like to test your product or program. They know you
so at least they’d lend you their ear.

If so, and if that person wants to add income to their practice, that
practitioner would have much more success getting in the door of another
health practitioner than someone without any health credentials.

Success story: In one business, a chiropractor I know contacts 45-60 chiropractors
per day. He works the phones 10-12 hours/day, locally and long distance.)
They offer to come and demo the product to the prospects’ patients.
That couple is one of the top producing distributor teams in their company.

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PPS “Minnie” just saw this post and wrote me privately, “Thank you Kim
for the suggestion, you’re a great help! It’s so nice to know that
there is actually a live person interested in helping me.”
Whaaa?? Where is anyone in her upline? And we wonder why people drop out?!

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  • This is excellent. I actually go to a holistic chiropractor and have been debating about sharing my business with him because I don’t want him to feel like there is a conflict of interest since he’s currently treating me. He does recommend products to his patients so I know he will have at least some interest in what I have to show him but should I wait until I’m done with treatments to ask him about the propsition for a presentation?

    • Yolanda,
      Remember the first date…Start by asking if he’d consider carrying another product if he thought it might help his patients.
      If he says yes, he will likely also ask, What is it?
      Then you can tell him – well I market this product for people who blah blah blah, like what happened to me….And then,
      Do you have any patients who might like to know about something like that? Of course after you test it yourself?

      Remember, like dating, one step at a time. Else he’ll feel like you are trying to drag him into the back seat on the first date.

      You don’t want that, do ya?

  • Hey Kim,

    I am listening to your training of 100 customers in 100 days. There, you have advised to do cold calling. Can anyone do cold calling. It it like disturbing people. If someone complaints against me, than? Please clear this.

  • Use Social media to connect and befriend them and after a while you can start to chat and or mail with them and then use your first date or as i do a video, I am lucky to have a good video on You Tube which shows results almost straight away I ask them to view it and for there opinion on what they see. I have been doing this now for a short while and have now been talking to two acupuncturists about my product in two different countries and more contacts to contact. I think with a slower acting product a very good first date script would be best.

  • I agree Kim, it’s great knowing you are there. You know the upline is only going to toe the friends and family option. You’re the best!

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