Where are the prospects? (Vote)

wherearetheyNot all marketing situations are the same. Finding your prospects depends on the situation. Are you looking for “one, a few, most or all”? Before you cry “All!” consider:

“If you are trying to sell a house or fill a job, you only need to persuade one person,” writes Seth Godin. “If you want to make your book sell a bunch of copies, your restaurant to be filled on Saturday night or your coaching practice to have a full schedule, you need to sell a few people (who help get the word out – kk)…”

Depending on both what you’re selling (product or business), and what stage you’re in now in your business plan, the “one, a few, most or all” distinction can help you shape your business plan right now.

“(Audience of) ONE: You’re a needle, the market is a haystack. Make your needle as sharp as you can, put it in as many haystacks as you can afford. Alternatively, you’ve already decided on your one (the date for the prom or the perfect job). In that case, throw the haystack out and engage in a custom, one-on-one patient effort to tell your story to the person who needs to hear it.

“A FEW: Being exceptional matters most. Stand out, don’t fit in. Shun the non-believers.

“MOST: Amplify the excitement of the few and make it easy for them to spread the story to the caring majority.

“ALL: Compromise. You need to be many things to many people, embraced by the passionate but not offensive to the masses. Sooner or later, the issue for the reluctant part of the buyer community is that it becomes more expensive/risky to stand in the way of the group than it is to go along.

Godin adds:

“Blogs, for now, are almost always about the few. Google and Starbucks and the iPod are exciting stories because they’ve moved from the few to the most….Choose wisely, and realize that as you succeed, the game will change.”

Starting today, what’s your marketing game plan? Who are you looking for as it relates to the above comments?

And 2) (the last two words below are ‘business opportunity’)

Results so far here.

UPDATE: It’s running neck and neck for question 2) above. About 50% of respondents say their marketing mission is the same as for selling the product as it is for selling their business. 50% different.

TO THOSE who voted same for #2: Does that mean you don’t distinguish customers and business builders and are looking for people who are two-in-one? Or that you think there’s no difference in how you market to customers versus business builders?

TO THOSE who voted different for #2: How it is different (as it relates to this post) marketing product or business opportunity?

Next you must decide how to reach those prospects: Do you want to put something out there (ads, educational newsletters, website or blog) so they come to you? Or go find them and make your case? Manana…

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  • Everyone is not interested in my
    company or its products/services,
    so I have to find my niche and
    create a marketing plan that moves
    them toward me.Frankly, that try
    to recruit everyone you see crap
    your upline tells you to do,should
    be your GREEN LIGHT to learn how
    too market effectively with your
    own creative thoughts.


  • Funny thing is… I’d rather be looking for the few! Something that is exotic and exceptional seems very attractive right now [smilez]. But our products are deliberately for the most, so it is the most I’ll be seeking…. AFTER I’ve found the few whose excitement we’ll aim to amplify.

    We do a mix of ‘go to them’ and ‘they come to us’ marketing, and teach our team to do the same and think for themselves.

    For the business, most definitely the few. This is a crazy, difficult, ridiculous business… NM goes aginst the norm and fights misconception and PBE on every corner. [PBE = past bad experiences] Who’d stick with it??? Only the few who see the big picture [with a lot of help from Kim, eh]


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  • I’m looking for a few. I’m looking for “President” material as in “President of their own company.” Not everybody fits that profile. Maybe 1 in 20. Maybe even less.

    My product should be used by the masses but statistics show otherwise. It’s more of a niche market. It seems to attract a certain kind of people. Those who want to learn and grow and better themselves. Not everyone is into that. Some people just like to stay where they are.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Ilka ;o)

  • As a rule the lower the price point or investment, the larger amount of people I will have willing to try whatever I am selling.

    Retail sales- I look for more people and figure some will like my product and come back and some won’t.

    Business Partners- I am looking for a few warriors. I want them to be sure about MLM and my particular company and have enough determination to stick with it when things are tough.

    I will also spend lots of time training and don’t want to waste time on those just dabbling in MLM.

    I’m not really looking for everyone.

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