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Who else has had it with FORM?

Who wants to start a relationship with a network marketer?

Want to make new friends? Have new relationships? Don’t
know how to start? No problem, do this (hehehe):

Start talking to people.

What to say? No problem!

Anywhere you see someone else around (gym, post office,
copy-place line, bank line…) start talking to people. How?


=> Ask questions about Family, Occupation (their job),
Recreation (where’d you take the family for the holidays?)
and Money.

Soon enough you’ll find out their “pain” and zing! You can
show them your your business or product which, you tell them,
can make the pain disappear.

OK. Now, let’s turn the tables on this strategy.

Can you tell when someone’s coming at you with the
FORM questions?  Feigning interest in your life’s problems
in order to make a sale or get you to join an MLM?

How open are you to that sort of “relationship”?

I have had COUNTLESS people (women especially) in
my classes who say, “I feel like a Barracuda coming
after them.”  She hated it so she stopped doing it.

If this is what “relationship marketing” is about,
I suspect no one I know wants to be at the other
end of it.


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