Who Won Spot in Helper-Healer Program?

Thanks to all of you who responded!

There is truth in what everyone said. So we’ll do two things.

1. Choose two winners.
2. Offer a $100 Helper-Healer discount coupon to everyone who responded (last person was Tom Doiron at 7:44PM today).

Email me here for the discount code to use when you register for the program. Put in subject: I responded. Discount Code please. Discount coupon MUST BE used by 10PM PT Wednesday, November 24.

Winners of a free $395 pass to the class:

1. unityjane

2. Tami (Tami Bushey)

The two winners were chosen based on this: they were the first responses which seemed to recognize the angst that comes with ‘hitting up one’s friends’ for money for personal gain.

No matter how cool the product or business may be, in our society, the social rules of engagement with real friends (not facebook fake friends) pretty much preclude using those friendships to “feed off” them. It’s just socially taboo in the western world.

And it is made worse by recruiters and gurus who pretend that what you’re doing is like recommending a movie. It’s NOT. And we all know, deep down, that’s it not really like that. We make money on it. We don’t on the movie or restaurant referral. And that’s perhaps the biggest first reason people don’t want to call their real friends. The other fears mentioned also play into it.

HOW do they avoid coming across as just feeding off their friends? Are you a member of the NFL (no friends left)?

This is a skill I teach in the new Helper-Healer program.

Anyway, here’s what the winners get: My new eight week webinar starting this SAT:

How Not To Be an MLM Loser This Year: How To Tap into the giant Helper Healer market.

I will be teaching stuff like this:

How to Recruit Mother Teresa

How to find the Minnis and Winnies (the co-stars in movie)

How we did this

How to be an authority in your market

How to be the ‘go-to’ person in your specialization

How never to be singled out again as ‘one of those people doing one of those things’.

How to know you’re doing the right thing by others.

How to know you’re making the world a better place.

Helper-Healer Program registration link here.

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