Who’s talking about your product?

And how?

1. In today’s marketplace you need to get people talking about your product. Not talking at people about it.

2. The people talking about your product to others – are they people who are not also being paid to do so?

Those are the discussions that matter.

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  • True, its the viral nature of those conversations which really mean you are establishing yourself in a market.

    It can happen easily or it can take some effort to achieve. Part of it is just how popular your product or service already is.

    For example, travel is already talked about by everyone, so in order to get people to talk about you, you only need to stand up and begin to stick out in the crowd.

    While some niches may be a bit harder to tackle. Although, the argument could be made that the smaller more select niches make the task of being talked about easier.

    Its really up to your passions, what you know, and your skill in marketing yourself. Not just your product, yourself.

    Standing up as an expert is important.


  • I have always been the type to discover the newest greatest thing and tell everyone about it, long before I ever heard of network marketing. And I have always done that with integrity and in the true spirit of helping others. In fact, that is what I’m known for.

    That is also why, at first, I didn’t feel comfortable getting something in return for helping someone until a wise person reminded me that it was the only way I could have the resources to help more people.

    So I purposely look for and attract mostly people like me – people who want to help others – so getting them to talk about my product has never been a problem.

    From the start, I always shared my personal product story with them as well as my passion for helping others, and how this product/business has allowed me to do that in such a meaningful way, so they knew up front I wasn’t a typical salesperson. They not only wanted to help their friends and family by telling them about my product, but they also wanted to help me help more people. In fact, I have customers who continue to order from me across the country when someone in their own neighborhood sells the same product for the same price. That, to me, is the greatest compliment!

    For those who didn’t get emotionally involved in my passion and mission, a gentle nudging would get them talking. I would just say: “Cindy, now that you got such great results with our product, who do you know that might also benefit from knowing about it?” and off they go!

    I believe that deep down, we all want to help others. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to do it. Then once we realize or remember how good it feels, we want to keep doing it.

    And for those who aren’t that type to do something for nothing, a referral rewards program to earn discounts or free products is always an option (although I offered the program, almost everyone declined saying they just wanted to help others).

    On a side note…In the beginning, everyone just assumed I was selling the product and nobody seemed to mind. They would ask if they could buy it from me, and when I would tell I wasn’t selling it, my friend was, they would often say I should be selling it myself so I could get something too.

    So I realized it was my own hang-up and not theirs. Everyone knows that when somebody sells something, somebody is going to make money on that sale, whether it is the salesperson, the company, etc. They also understand that everyone has to make a living doing something whether it is a 9-5 job or selling something.

    So I believe if you have something of value to sell to people, you should not feel guilty about making something for doing so. The meaningful difference you are making in that person’s life far exceeds the small amount of money you make from that sale.

    Follow Your Passion,
    Michelle Sanchez
    Network Marketing Success Coach
    Heart~2~Heart Coaching

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
    committed people can change the world; indeed, it
    is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Meade

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