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#1 Most important quality to make it as an entrepreneur?

#1 Most important quality to make it as an entrepreneur?

Barbara Corcoran’s a real estate mogul and venture capital queen.
She has a reality TV show, Shark Tank, on which aspiring entrepreneurs
compete for funding – and her time – (6.6 million viewers).

Here’s the #1 most important quality that SHE looks for in a person
before she gives them her money and time (to help them develop
their project):

“I want someone who can take rejection. That’s all I’m looking for.”

She adds, “I’m not so tough on the show (that the contestant offers)
but when the male sharks are beating somebody up, I love to watch,
and I’m happy it’s happening, because I’m really trying to size up if the
entrepreneur is good at standing back up.

“If somebody’s really beaten down, they’re never going to make it as
an entrepreneur, because succeeding in business has everything to do
with how you take rejection.”

Amen, sista.

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Kim Klaver


  • Truer words have seldom been spoken Kim. If sales people could not handle rejection, nothing would ever be sold, and companies would not need their sales force. That’s why sales pays so well…better than Doctors and Lawyers, and why MLM is best of all because it also gives us the time to enjoy a great lifestyle.

  • Barbara is great on that show, one of my favorites. Yes, rejection is that Bullet-Proof”
    Ground of being where nothing phases them. I always remember, it’s never personal.

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