How to make money online

Earn income online in two steps.

FloatingInGlassHere we go…

1. Determine what you can do really really well, with one hand tied
behind your back.

This thing, whatever it is, in part defines who you are. It’s that thing
you are always doing, reading about, practicing or improving
because it’s YOUR thing.

2. Call out to the folks who WANT TO KNOW HOW TO DO OR USE THAT THING because
it is THAT very thing that can help THEM on THEIR path.

Example: I know how to engage people anytime anywhere, about any business
or product, without ever risking a friendship. Whether they say yes or no makes
no difference to me. (I almost ALWAYS get a referral.)

I can do that thing (and do) drunk, sober, day or night. At a party or at
the Post Office.

Who might want to know about a skill like that? So they can learn it?

– People who don’t know what to say to others about their business or product.
– People who don’t want to act weird or look like idiots when they talk to that
special person about their deal.
– People who don’t know what to say because they haven’t made any money yet…

You get the idea…

Here’s another one of my things (learned this past year).

I know how to build a list with warm market and how to write
engaging emails to that warm market that makes them come to me.

Do you think if I offer a class on “list building for MLMers”
that I will have trouble filling up such a class? And do you
think if you wanted to know how to do that without getting
tangled up in your underwear, that you would not pay me to learn how?

Especially in 30 minutes flat?

So there you are. Two steps to earning income on your own. Everyone
has something they do really well that SOMEONE out there wants to know
about because it can help them.

That’s where YOU give value, someone else GETS value, and they give
you money, happily. Isn’t that how it works?

PS I am giving a Private Preschool for MLM List Builders soon and if you
want to register for the demo, click here. The info for
the demo class will ONLY go to the folks who have registered.
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