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Do You Make This Terrible Mistake When You Give Them Your Website?

Some people call me a guru.embarassed monkey

But for years this ‘guru’ screwed up creating my own list. I’ll
tell you so you don’t make the same VERY costly boo boo.
What do you do when someone asks for a link to your site?

OLD (dumb) way:
Someone asked for a link to my product or opp site, and
I’d give it to them. You know – MYWEBSITE. com/MYID
or my blog dotcom. Whatever the link to the site was.

Sounds good, right?


Doing that – I sadly discovered – means I lose. Each time.
Because all I got was a (usually one-time) visitor.


NEW (smart) way: (learned from an online network marketing smarty)

=> Instead of your website link, give them your “Landing Page” link.
There your visitor enters a name and email, and THEN (automatically) they’re
redirected right to your site.

Now you’re showing your site AND building your list
at the same time (!)

See the difference?

A visitor is typically lost forever when they click off.

A subscriber is NOT lost – the person is NOW on your list. You
can connect with them in future emails…over and over and over..

That. Is. Where. Your. Long. Term. Money. Is.

“The money’s in your list.” Most of us do not buy the first
time we’re introduced to something or someone new.

We learn more about it, see examples, come to know like and
trust the seller, and then, we might buy. That can only happen
IF YOU HAVE a list mechanism set up instead of just giving out
your website links to everybody.

Giving someone your website link means you bypass
your list (!) Terrible.

Most replicated websites don’t even HAVE a web form
where you can ask a person to add their name and
email so you can email them later. Getting that info
up front is WAY better and you get a much faster list going.

When you choose your “landing page” you can choose a
non-hypey enticing sentence or two, and the right
folks will opt in.)

So you can email them with helpful info later. They
might buy. 🙂

PS What’s a Landing Page? It’s a single webpage where
someone enters their name and email. You’ve no doubt done
that yourself to get some info you wanted.

Gives the other person access to something that might help
them, and it helps build your list.

After they hit SUBMIT, they are automatically redirected to
your website.

If you’re into HTML, you can make your own landing pages.

There are “landing page” templates. Here’s a Landing Page template I use

What’s an list creator/auto-responder? Here’s a List service I use…It’s
$1 to test it. Click order top right and you’ll see. 🙂

PPS Don’t give up on yourself. You can DO this!

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Kim Klaver

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  • Hi Kim,

    Awesome information!

    I also have gone through the terrible way of giving out the company site before I learned the power of the landing page. I have also learned how to create my own list through blogging as well. Unfortunately, my opt-in sign up form has just disappeared… and I need to have that fixed.

    The key is, for most people, they do not buy products or join us for the business opportunity when we first contact them. A great follow up system is absolutely essential. For the people that we connect in the real world, with their permission to be on our list, we can continue to nurture the relationship and build trust through email marketing too.

    Thanks, Kim, for your incredible insights!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum (Sydney)

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