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Can there be value if they pay you 100% commission?

Can there be value if they pay you 100% commission?

“I’m on a training call and the speaker is saying if a company is paying 100% commission then there is no intrinsic value to the product.” – Winnie

(Winnie is in Empower Network (not my team),
the first company I know of to pay 100% commissions on their products
(digital, online how-to educational programs.)

The gal added, “I really respect this guy’s opinion. He’s been around a long time.
What should I think about this?”

My question to her:

“Did the products you bought (from Empower) give you value?
Did you learn anything you’ve used to make money?”

SHE: Yes

Moi: So did the product have value for you?

SHE: Yes.

Moi: Does that answer your question?

SHE: Yes. Thank you.

Value is in the eye of the beholder, is it not?

The issue seems to be 100% commissions. How CAN that be? MUST be a scam, yes?

Remember, there’s more than one way to make money for a company.

In this case, Empower has (now) about 120,000 affiliates. I am one. Each affiliate
pays the company $19.95/mo. THAT is how they earn what they need to
operate. Figure it out: 120,000 x $19.95/mo. Good income, yes?

So why not give away – to the affiliates who do ALL the work bringing
in the customers and reps – the money for doing the most important work of all?

Isn’t the most important person in EACH network marketing company the
member in the field who BRINGS all the reps and customers to the table and
who makes that initial sale?

So why not give them all the money when the company has ANOTHER way
to earn what THEY need – the affiliate fees?

(Only the reps (affiliates) pay the $19.95/mo)

PS If anyone ever says to you – regardless of what you market – that your
product has no value (you know the naysayers) ALWAYS remember:

=> Ask yourself: Did the product, service or program help YOU?

That is your answer.

Live and let live. Find those who appreciate what you have. Let go of everyone else,
including their opinions – usually offered without first-hand experience of what
you offer. And often offered because the person is marketing something else,
which does not pay that well (as was the case with Winnie above).


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