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Five Worst Things To Say To A Good Prospect…

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The FIVE WORST things to say to a good prospect…

1. Do you want someone who STICKS?

If yes, never say,

“It’s easy, anyone can do it!”

Because, what will the person do in 30 or 60 days if
it’s not easy and they’ve made no money yet?

2. Do you want someone who will go the distance?

If yes, never tell someone,

“You can make big money fast.” (or anything implying that)

Because what will they do when they’ve made no money in 45 days?

3. Do you want to be honest with others?

Then never say,

“Everyone will want this.”

If ‘everyone’ wanted our products, why do 95% quit?

4. Do you want to stand out?

Then never tell anyone,

“We are the greatest (company, pay plan, founders, products, etc)”

Doesn’t EVERYONE say that about their company, their product, their pay plan, their founders?

No way to stand out then, right? (Plus you come across as a braggart, and who likes a braggart?)

5. Do you want to find people who STICK?

Then never say,

All you have to do is go to your friends, family, or neighbors.”

We know there’s more to it if you want to earn $2,000/mo or more. Don’t we?

(If you want 3-5 customers so your own product is covered, that might do.)

Those are “Five Worst Things To Say” to a good prospect.

PS What SHOULD you say to a good prospect?

A) Want Customers? Demo here…From a live class we did this summer.  Then, it went viral...

B) Want Recruits?  Demo here...From another live session. Shows you how to get folks to APPLY to you to join YOUR team – like I did – for each of the five companies I’ve built to the top this past 25 years.  This one also went viral…

PS If you found this to be an “Ah ha!” pass it on to someone who’s struggling in their business?

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  • Love it,,,this is the kind of crap that companies teach people to say to prospects all the time and it is totally bogus BS so i appreciated reading this……..and believe it or not I’m an intelligent person with more than a great school education, go figure.

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