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Lulu: This Is My Dilemma…

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“When I start worrying about the
profitability of my business, I feel I am
no longer true to myself, because I
no longer follow my heart.

“I have a belief firmly rooted in me
that I could never succeed in business
without developing a hunger for money…

The problem is that I do not have and
will never have such hunger. This is a major
dilemma for me.   Can you help?”
– Lulu

Please post your suggestions in the Comments below.
Especially if you have overcome such a dilemma.

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  • Dear Lulu,
    The only way you can be successful in this business is if you focus just on helping other people. When you let things like money take your focus, you can’t help anyone. They will sense it and know where your heart lies. Of course, when you help other people, wonder of wonders, happens. Money flows to you. Keep following your heart, it’s the only way to get where you want to be and to get what you want.

    • Those of us motivated by helping others have the dilemma of knowing how and when to charge. If that problem is not solved you are either rich or broke. So it is a issue that needs addressing. We all need to be good stewards of our time, money, and effort, and if we are, we are rewarded.

      Quila showed me how. Concentrate on the issue with the client, pain as example, ask them if they want help with it. They often tell you what they have tried, and obviously failed. Don’t promise anything but share what experiences you have, and explain how it works. Explain the various budget levels to consider and let them choose level that suits them. They tell us their issues and we offer options, and they choose the one that works for them.

      This has worked 90% of the time and no longer creates an affordability issue for me doing the business and get the proper commitment from the person needing help. With pleasant surprise, at the end of the first month with this process, there was $750 in the bank without fully understanding the program well enough to know how it was earned. Does this help? Michael J.

  • Do that which you love and you will never have to work for a living. I forget who said that, but it’s true today as it was when it was said, and will be true tomorrow. When Oprah started her show she was not thinking of becoming a billionaire some day. Yet she is one today. Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire who now owns the New York Nets basketball team, has said that he is not motivated by money. If hunger for money was all that’s needed – or at least for the most part – to get rich, many of us would not be poor today.

    • Interesting. your comment hit me Ted. Many things I would like to follow and pursue, but not sure if they are profitable. I am going to rethink things.

  • How was the belief that you “could never succeed in business without developing a hunger for money” rooted firmly in you?

    Answering that question will go a long way towards helping you solve your dilemma.

  • Heh Lulu,
    I have “suffered” from just this problem for years. As a result I have often tried to pursue the path of wealth, looked at and done many things, but the harder I tried the more it seemed, and felt, an unobtainable idea. Fortunately along the way I have also pursued my passion, which is health, and now I find myself at a crossroad. I have finally given up the idea of pursuing wealth for its own sake, and now am looking to find ways of using my knowledge, to make a difference to others lives.

    I will be doing this with MLM, but certainly not in the “traditional”way. More the way that Kim teaches.
    The Tao de Ching says “chase after money and possessions and your heart will never unclench!” How true that is!

    Hope this helps:

    • Hi Greg, I was intrigued with your comment: “pursued my passion, which is health, and now I find myself at a crossroad. I have finally given up the idea of pursuing wealth for its own sake, and now am looking to find ways of using my knowledge, to make a difference to others lives. I will be doing this with MLM, but certainly not in the “traditional”way. More the way that Kim teaches.” Greg, I was wondering if we might talk some time. David at or 719-694-8426. Thanks and all the best.

  • I don’t think it requires a hunger for “money: to be successful, Money is just a means to an end. Get crystal clear on your WHY and get hungry for that.

    Money is the “Currency” that allows us to achieve our why. So don’t focus on visualizing money. Focus on taking that once in a lifetime vacation with the whole family to Fiji. See the crystal clear ocean and imagine the whole family snorkeling together, enjoying fine dining and quality time without worrying about the cost.

    Imagine waking up when you are done sleeping, not to an alarm. Getting the kids home and out of daycare. Firing that boss who drives you crazy and disrespects you.

    It’s not the money that drives most successful people. It’s what the money allows us to be, do and have!

    Holding a pile of money in my hand doesn’t do much for me. Booking a first class trip somewhere without worrying about paying for it gets me super excited!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  • Start with your “don’t want” list, then move to your want list. The question is always, “so what DO I want?” When you practice that, everything will fall into place for you.

  • Perhaps allowing that there might be 6-8 areas we are responsible for in this life in the world. And money is one of them, no better or worse than the other five to seven.
    1) High level wellness
    2) Financial wellness – doesn’t help to put head in sand. Everyone needs continuing income and accounts for the future
    3) Good work. People have to work if they want to get by in the world. That pays well and allows you to live life like you want.. How much training, education and time is needed for that? For different stages of your life?
    4) Spiritual life
    5) Handle Relationships
    6) Recreation
    7) Perspective
    8) Contribution – leave this place a bit better

  • My first thought is of a statement Jim Rohn made at one of his seminars about help enough people get what they need and you will automatically get what you need. Being hungry for money is not a solution. I have had 5 figures in savings before and enjoyed the security but money does not provide happiness. When my career at Alaska Airlines was cut short in 2005 due to outsourcing at the Seattle hub, I had to make some quick decisions so as to make sure I got my needs met.

    I ended up in network marketing. This industry teaches people much about life and how to be successful. I no longer worry about my needs being met. It took some long days, nights, holidays, and weekends but I finally broke through to success. Instead of watching television, I read books by people like Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield and Dr. Tom Barnett. Once you know how to build a business, you can overcome any obstacles that come. Life is the greatest classroom on earth!

  • I can’t recall who said this but “Do what you love and the money will follow!” This also ensures you never have to “work” a day in your life because you are out there having fun.

  • I believe everyone will have a different ‘WHY’ for their reason in this business. You just got to find yours.

    The bottom line is that when people start ‘spiting’ on you after your presentation. What makes you go on?
    Is it that you can see there is money in this business and those who reject you are loser and you will go on no matter what?
    Or is it that you can see that this business can help people achieve their dreams and those who don’t see it has yet to fully understand it?

    You need to ask yourself. When there is a high wall stand in front of your way in your business, what would it take for you to make the absolute effort to overcome it. Make no mistake, you have to define this ‘WHY’ or else you would quit because that high wall is going to be there!

  • There have been some great comments in this thread. To one degree or another, we all have some type of “money” issues which can get in the way of our achieving success or even enjoying it. Self-sabotage is real issue. And yes, we need to pursue that which we love and yes the money may eventually come to us. But finding a MLM company that truly offers our “Love Object” and will then fairly reward our efforts is also an issue that needs to be brought up. I think it is well documented (within this group at least) that the network marketing industry has designed their income opportunities to benefit only the top 5%. The network marketing industry has failed or at least made it so very challenging for the average person and the new MLMer to succeed. That’s been true for nearly 70 years – until now. I know of only one successful stand alone network marketing company which was started by a successful networker fifteen years ago (and not the usual MLM corporate elites) and has been motivated to powerfully reward the efforts of the new MLMer. Yes, absolutely, pursue what you love, and hopefully one day your MLM company will be compelled by the market place to eventually change and incentivize the game to reward your efforts and the efforts of all those people who come to MLM seeking a legitmate opportunity, I salute all those who pursue their love and success within the network marketing industry. You are special kind of person. David

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