Reinvent Recruiting

Recruiting through teaching…

Recruiting and marketing for the teachers
among us…

There are many ways to market – you know –
get the word out about your product, service or business…

Socialize and meet new peeps
Contact Warm market
Contact cold market
Market on Facebook, Twitter, social medium of your choice…
Buy traffic and leads…
Run ads, online or off
Flyers Etc…

And. For the show-and-tell types among us…

=> Marketing through teaching.

Here’s how that works.

You (learn to) do regular webinars, videos, blog posts,
white papers, email newsletters…Whatever approach
you want to master – writing or talking and showing
or both.

The good news:

You. Can. Learn. How. In 90 days. Or less.

Do you want to keep doing what you’re doing? What does that
look like in ten years, when you’re ten years older?

If you have an inner teacher do this:

Put something out there…each day. Yes, even if you ARE
terrible at first, even if you’re sure you LOOK old or fat, have
nothing to wear, or even if you get the runs just THINKING
about turning your iPhone camera onto yourself.

I promise you one thing:

There. Are. Others. Out. There. Who. Are.
Waiting. For. You. And. Whom. You. Can. Help.

Is teaching others your calling?

If it is, check out a new online star program I’m running – for the
teacher in you (and me). Click here. Please register with your email.

PS In my first 100 Days in this program, I’ve added 100+ Customers.
Most have become affiliates.  Earnings: $71,175 in about 100 days.
It is BECAUSE of the program I’m making daily mini videos. With
ME as I look today. Right now.  Sigh.

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