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Uber skillset to build an income-generating machine?

Uber skillset to build an income-generating machine?

Everyone here is attempting, in their own way and time – and for their own reasons – to build up a business of their own. Some folks start with no income generating experience, others have some, and a few have lots of previous experience.

Any business – to generate income – takes much more effort than advertised by those trying to bring you in. Once you realize that, you have to answer one question for yourself:

What do you want most to spend your time learning – and practicing – doing?
Remember, there are many ways to build a giant heap…

Talk to people so you sound normal?
Get some self-confidence back?
Present to groups?
Learn to find the right peeps to talk to?
Build a big cool team that loves you?

The skill sets people need are different, and some skills are prerequisites
for others.

Here’s a really high level and sexy skillset – which requires you have mastered those above:

David Frey opines that the #1 most essential skillset to build a BIG GIANT MLM (or network marketing) business is:

“…know how to build a huge network of followers that will do what you ask them to do because they trust you.”

This is essentially what Diane Hochman commented her earlier.

“Build a huge network of followers that will do what you ask them to do because they trust you.”

Wouldn’t THAT make it easier to earn money with your business?

For some here, a few other “things” need to come first:

– Belief in yourself.
– Total self confidence in the value of who you are and what you are doing.
– Complete focus
– People skills
– Big energy
– Consumed by the challenge of what you’re doing
– Always set your own priorities (for at least PART of your day, each day)
…(you’ll name more…)

Of this list, here’s my #1:

=> Take charge of setting your daily priorities.

Where on your list of daily priorities is building your business or yourself?

If it is not #1 or #2 each day, chances are slim you’ll attain any of the other skills you need.

Say you need to develop self-confidence. Spend an hour a day and focus on that one thing. There are many super sources online and off to develop that. Same with the other skills one needs.

Energy? Spend an hour/day and learn (and test) how to eat and sleep
so you have more…Hehehe.

It’s a long road to big giant success. So start.

The reason people like Jordan Dreamon or Donna Johnson or David Frey
“have these big groups who follow them and I don’t – wahhh!” is because
they’ve built it up over years.

Did I say start? As long as you’re above ground, you can.

How else will you ever get your own huge following of fans that love you, trust you, and can’t wait for the next new thing you have to offer them?

Ready to learn the secrets of marketing online and building
up your giant fan base there?  Check out a short cut option I’m using here.

PS If you are a happy belonger, or totally satisfied with a few hundred a month, no need to change a thing. Just remember, you don’t get to say, “Well the reason THEY make so much is because they have this HUGE following!”

If you spend the next 3,650 days – one hour per day – doing the things to build yourself and your business, where might you be 3,650 days from now?

Can you hear your audience cheering when you come on stage? Here’s what I’m doing to go FAST – so it’s here in my lifetime.

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