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What’s your opportunity worth?

QuestionMark_Red2What’s your opportunity worth?

Not much.

With thousands of others promoting
the same thing, it’s just an
opportunity. Lots of them around.
Worth pretty much nada.

=> It’s your execution that give your opportunity worth.

=> It’s how you demonstrate right out of the gate THAT YOU
CAN help the OTHER person.

That’s why people prefer to join leaders. It’s presumed they
know something that can help the prospect who’s looking.

Why should anyone join YOU? Of the thousands of others?
Here’s why…

Because. You. Demonstrate. That. You. Can. Help. Them.
And do. Before they sign up.

Here’s the trick to pull that off: get some skills that are required
to be an effective marketer, and use those to 
your value to your prospects.

Yes, there are the skills to acquire to get money from others
(despite what you heard that ‘anyone can do it – it’s just like
recommending a restaurant’).

Demonstrate your value first – your newly acquired skills.
Then, yes, you have a good chance to sign them up. Yup.

Then your opportunity – because of your execution –
becomes worth something. 🙂

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