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Facebook tip guaranteed to make your friends or mentors feel good about you …

Posting tip guaranteed to make your friends or mentors feel good about you …

Mention them the “Facebook way” in your posts or comments.

Here’s how to do it…

When you mention someone in a post or comment, and they are a Facebook “friend”, as you are typing the words and it’s time to mention their name…

1) Start typing their name

2) Wait for FB to show you the friend options with that first name below, in blue (see image)

3) Choose the correct person from that FB drop-down and click it and the full name appears in your posting…

4) Click just to the right of their last name (in blue from FB) in your post or comment…

5) Delete just their last name with one delete click. Their first name only should remain.

Facebook Vicki Link Name eg

Presto. Now they do look like a friend, with just their first name showing.

What they will ALL love?

1) They will be notified by FB that YOU mentioned THEM. 🙂

Your comment or post will NOT appear on their timeline (FB changed that because so many were abusing that feature.

2) Folks will see you’re savvy because you didn’t use both first and last name of this friend, but just their first name, like any normal person would do.


Have you met my sugar rehab friend, Vicki?

PS If their name does not appear in the dropdown as a friend, you obviously can’t do this.

PPS The FB name linking sometimes does not work on a phone. And not for FB “Pages”

PPPS Please share this with your friends…some will be happy you did…

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