Half Truths

Lazy Lulu?

Overheard two UC Berkeley students (in their 20s) having
this heated debate last night…

Guy: I think they’re just lazy!

Gal: No! They can do it.  They just don’t WANT to.

They weren’t talking about MLMers,
but they might as well have been. Upline are often calling downline
lazy because “they don’t do anything.”

But consider this.

What if Lulu, once she realizes how hard it
is to ‘get her three,‘ decides that she just doesn’t
WANT to do sales? Or sharing?  Period.

Does not wanting to do something make you lazy?

I bought a big Facebook ad program a few months ago.
After I realized how much work it was to make Facebook
pay off for me, I dropped it.  Does that make me lazy?  Or, a quitter?

Many folks are oversold on how easy and quick MLM success is.
When they discover 1) it is not quick or easy and
2) they don’t enjoy either selling or sharing, some don’t want to do it.

What’s wrong with that? It’s a free country, yes? How many things
have you tried that you’ve quit, after realizing what was really

If there is any blame here, it’s the overselling of MLM riches.
That and denying we are in sales.  (No, we don’t sell; We share. Right.)

It’s human to blame others for our own mistakes. But, would
a more upfront approach reduce the number of “do nothings”?

In any case, shall we stop calling them names?



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Kim Klaver


  • One reason for the name calling is, there is a big investment of time, emotional energy and possibly money when signing up a new prospect. (“I finally got one!”)

    So they do everything they can to make their newbie successful, even if it means forcing a square peg in a round hole.

    Most people in sales, be it network marketing or otherwise, do not know how to prospect effectively. So when they finally manage to sign up someone, they have to make it work because they don’t know when the next new sign-up will come along.

  • We tell prospects “It’s easy – if I can do it anybody can!” Then we proceed to give the a one size fits all “way” to share. Some people aren’t pitchmen so they have to experience the benefits of the product and see others benefit from it so they can truly share the product. We also need to teach people to share only with those who will care. Absent a perceived need they will feel they are being “sold.”

  • You are right on, Kim. We mislead them and then when they don’t do anything we wonder why. I truly believe in the upfront approach. I don’t have it in my to “lie” to a prospect. I am not trying to sound like a goody-good. That’s just who I am. Thanks for a great post!

  • The industry has gotten to that point Kim of “it’s easy, give it a try!”
    Then the name calling starts when they find out it’s not.

    Instead of telling prospects the truth that they have to learn how to NetWORK
    and they need to learn how to MARKET to get leads and customers for
    their business. Like all businesses do.

    They are sold on the idea that customers and money will
    rain in from the heavens.

    Most networkers sell their prospects on the idea that its easy
    because they’re so desperate to get that 1st one.

    We need to take the time to educate prospects on the industry, and give
    them tips, strategies and resources, (like your blog) on how they can make it happen.

  • Love the upline comment. It reminds me of “Big Al” and his lazyup line sponsor jokes. Also, reminds me of the saying that what we point out in others usually lies within ourselves. And yes, each of us must decide for ourselves what we want to do and not do. If we urge someone to get in what we are doing and they change their mind, we probably had indications their heart wasn’t in it, but they would try it. There is no try, it’s either do or not do. thanks for the post.

  • After countless years and many companies I have come to the realization that as much as I would like to have the bitg results, the truth is I just don’t really want to do what it takes to get it.

    Thank-you Kim for pointing out that it’s not laziness on my part as I work extremely hard at a physically demanding job all day. I simply don’t enjoy prospecting, b-s people and having to work to convince myself that if I just try a little harder I could do it. I think I’m finally free of the hope……………….well at least until the next best thing comes along.

    • Eric,

      Many people have told me exactly that…That they don’t enjoy what feels like “b-s-ing” people –
      because they personally have not made money yet. And they know most others are just talking, too.
      It takes a lot of effort, and there are no guarantees. So if you don’t love the process, you are
      totally right. Do something you enjoy more, and work with people you like
      being around more, and see what happens. The stress brought on by forcing yourself to
      do what you really dislike ages you and makes some people cranky to boot. 🙂

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