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Ladies: Shopping for shoes…?

Nordstrom shoe deptShopping for shoes…

Ladies: Do you try on ALL the shoes in the store when you’re looking for jogging shoes for yourself?

When the sales person walks over and asks…

“May I help you?”…

Don’t you go: Yep. I want (and the listing begins…)

1) Running shoes/ 2) for me/ 3) Nike/ 4) size 8/ 5) white

And the person motions you to a seating area, and soon comes over with 3-5 pairs of shoes for you to try (of the thousands in the store).

Recruiting for our business, or asking for customers, is like shopping for shoes. There are a zillion people out there, but you want to ask for specific ones that fit…just like you do when you’re shopping for shoes.

You’re looking for someone who…1) blah blah…2) blah blah blah… 3) Blah blah blah… 4) blah blah blah… and 5) blah blah blah.

Where “blahs” are the values you need for the person to be the right one.

Fill in the blanks and you’re good to go. Good to start asking around for people who 1/2/3/4/5…Then,

“Do you know anyone (who might like to know about something) like that?”

If you’d like help learning how to do that, here’s my orange book, on me.  Right after you get it, you might hear my voice, offering you one of two audios to help you “hear” how it sounds so you can model it(!)

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