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“What I want more than anything,” this 73-yr old grandma wrote…

Another perspective on Empower Network’s bad boy Dave Wood…from a 73-yr old grandma…

“I have to confess, I don’t actually find their style offensive.
Kind of like my grand kids when they don’t know I’m listening…

“Took two 13-yr old boys to England and Scotland last year and
it was the gutter all the way. I did my best not to giggle but really,
just couldn’t help myself. Why not?

“At the same time Dave Wood is a spiritual guru with his
call to his unconscious and confident connection with his
true inner being.

“I want that more than anything.”

Me too. More than anything. That “confident connection with my true inner being.”

Why do I share this here?

1) Everyone has a different take on people who are different. Whether you
LIKE them or not, or APPROVE of them or not, the world cannot and
does not ignore them.

The few world changers are ALL round pegs in square holes.
They can and do change the world.

Because. They dare to be connected to their true inner being…which means:
DIFFERENT from the average person trying to blend in and not rock the boat.

Who are you, dear reader? Active network marketers and
entrepreneurs are different from the great majority – who are
happier in a job. (Not BETTER, different.)

Billy Graham to Madonna to Steve Jobs to Socrates to John F Kennedy to
Ronald Reagan to Renoir to Simon Cowell – whomever you name who has
stood out in this world.

Aren’t they ALL different? Isn’t that why we notice them?

Some of us take to peeps that others hate…it happens. To me, a lot.

2) Years ago, I fell in love with Madonna, through a book someone wrote about
her. I loved her attitude. At that time, she was being denounced by the Pope,
and countless religious groups. She was big on MTV.

Because of who she let herself be then (whether you like(d) her or not doesn’t
matter for this point) I immediately got all the music she’d put out up to
that time.

Next. I made special videos, and used her lyrics and music clips as
teaching tools on giant video screens – in countless presentations to
thousands of network marketers around the world for the next five years.

Even people who had never approved of Madonna loved
her in this setting…because her lyrics told HER story and
that story was EVERYONE’S story who was in that room.
We are different and we are going to make it.

(“Strike a Pose…” You know the lyrics?…So many more…)

While I don’t expect to convert anyone to love a square peg in a round hole,
which Dave Wood and his Empower Network most certainly are in our NM
industry, there’s one thing he is that many of us wish we could be…

Like my friend, the 73-yr old grandma wrote…

“He dares to be who his spirit drives him to be. And that,”
she said, “is something I want more than anything.”

I feel the same.


I mean, who would YOU be IF YOU DARED?

3) Do you know, if you dare to become YOU in 3D, that there will be peeps
who cannot stand that you became that person? Could you live with that?
Like all round pegs in square holes have to?

Email me (kimklaver@macDOTcom (replace DOT with .) if you’re 55+ and want
to brave the Internet world and develop a new identity there…and a new
career learning to earn a living there. You’ll be with lots of square pegs that
don’t fit in round holes. David Wood is one. I’m one.
Empower Network is the gig. And we love it. Hehehe.

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