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Empower Network: On the first sale, you get your money back…

This affiliate (network marketing) program is for
1) someone who WANTS to LEARN how to market online – from
people who are earning $315,000/mo doing just that. And
2) for someone who wants to earn income showing others how to earn money online – using these educational programs.
The products are online educational programs.
If the internet is not your favorite sandbox, this is not for you. 🙂

No matter what you bought, the first sale you make,
you get your money back.

1. Say you buy the $25 blogging platform program
(valued at $997).

Sell one.

You get 100% of that $25 sale.  You actually have your
own merchant account (they provide it, no credit check(!)
and the buyer deposits the money directly into
your merchant account.

What is not to love about THAT?

2. Say you buy the $100 Inner Circle program.  Or
the $500 Costa Rica Intensive program, or the $1,000 $15k program.
(Program descriptions here.)

Sell one.  Get your money back for the whole thing.

Who else does that?

Have you ever heard of anything like that?

Can’t wait?  Join for $25 here. See why they
are putting in 10,000 customers per month.

For more info about the program, check out the
‘Money’ post – on the right – on my orange blog here.

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Kim Klaver

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  • Kim:

    I am interested in this. What can EN do for my visitor numbers on my blog? Alternately, I could perhaps promote my Youngevity site.

    I like to blog, usually daily, but I want traffic. What can EN do for me?

    I’m tired of not succeeding in MLM. I would be a devoted sponsor, if someone gave me the opportunity and was willing to pull their own weight. Would this be a good platform to find such people?

    I will come back and study your blog, but right now, it’s too nice a day to be inside! I’m going for a bike ride.


    Paul Kemp
    P.S.: Any special leverage I could get being on your team?

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