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How to become the pursued…

If you’re sick of chasing after people for your business only to find out they’re the wrong one anyway, this is for you.

Some folks tell you to build your network marketing business
by seeking out others and “build relationships”.

You discover their problems by FORMing the other person
(asking about their Family, Occupation, Recreation or Money),
then you offer your business or product as a solution
to whatever they said ails them – in any of these categories.

So the traditional MLM upline teaches this sequence:

1) Find peeps and “build a relationship” first. FORM them.
2) See if you can persuade them your business or program can help
fix what ails them.

I was taught the same thing 25 years ago.

Do you still do that today?  I know I don’t.

I do the reverse:

Like this.

1. Create a result– be it generating 7 business leads, or earning
$125 in your first (or third) week. Or getting three new customers,
or signing up one new recruit your first week (or month)…

2. Put out there that you will SHOW someone else how you did that,
and see who responds. From those ask you for more info, this is where
the relationshipping (is that a word?) begins for me.

For example, you put out there something like:

“How I created 7 first rate business leads in 27 minutes online.”

“How I earned $125 in my first four weeks, without hounding my friends
and family.”

“How I got 10 Customers in 10 Days.”

Putting out this information (in an email, a post card, a FB ad, a blog or
your facebook page, etc.) will get certain people to respond and go,
“How did you do that?”

THESE are the folks I’d spend my time with – “relationshipping”. Because.


Because they want something I have: A secret tip for a success I had.

Doesn’t matter how small the success was. Even generating leads,
or getting your nerve up, is a success!

Almost nobody has any success. So such tips get lots of responses
from those seeking some success.

Now the relationship that begins has at its core, what THEY want
from you. Not what YOU want from them.

Doesn’t mean they will all sign up, but you’re for sure not chasing the
wrong ones. Think?

So it’s not about “to relationship or not to relationship”. It’s about this:

=> Do you want to chase others?


=> Do you want the other person chasing YOU?

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